Jorberron: Reborn

Bartel's Scout's & Wonders
All roads lead to Sharn, the City of Towers.

A group united by a common desire to each leave behind circumstances and event in their lives, find themselves arriving at the City of Towers.

Bartel(Kemen): Shrew, canny, and business minded. The investor.

Tharivol (Kemen): Bartel’s younger brother. Reckless, irresponsible. Bears a dragonmark, yet shirks his responsibility to the dragonmarked House Medani.

Axeman 3’1’7’ (Warforged): A Cyran warforged. Commrades with Sachmoo on the Cyran fronts. Saved his artificer (Sachmoo) from an assassination attempt. ETC>>>

Sachmo Cochese Mochismo – aka Fogpatch (Presumed Human): Stowaway, Adopted Cyran Brother, Hazy past. Electric blue hair, seems not to age, has a way with warforged. ETC>>>

Knyana Knora (Aerenal-born Elf): Affiliations with her religion caused her to be run out of her home country. Worshipper of the the Blood of Vol, unnatural interest in vampire-kin. ETC>>>

The group sets up a shop dubbed “Bartel’s Scouts & Wonders” to sell their unique services and to sell unusual acquisitions from their travels.

Lady Elaydren - The Forgotten Forge & Whitehearth
"I have a proposition for you."

The Scouts meet their first patron – Lady Elaydren of House Cannith. She comissions them to find an item of interest, a Schema, from the bowels of Sharn. Unfortunately, warforged who identify themselves with the Lord of Blades (LoB) also seek the Schema. The Scouts brave Undersharn, defeat the agents of the Lord of Blades, and deliver the Schema to Lady Elaydren.

In the days following their success, the Scouts are assailed in their own shop. Cutter, the lone surviving LoB agent smashes a vial of acid across Axeman 317’s “traitorous” face. Cutter is easily dispatched, but Axeman 317 is left permanently disfigured. Axeman comes to be known as “The Scarred One” in the ranks of the LoB.

Since the Scouts were successful in their mission, Lady Elaydren comes to them again. Another Schema needs to be recovered. This mission take the Scouts to Darguun (the goblin nation), to the war-ruined town of Rose Quarry, and into the acursed Mournlands to the abandoned House Cannith facility, Whitehearth. Garrow, presumed vampire and follower of the Blood of Vol, leading troops from the Order of the Emerald Claw also sought the Schema. Tharivol was hanged by Garrow, due to his recklessness. In the end, the Scouts retrieved the Schema and the Schema plan.

Lucan - Whispers of the Vampire's Blade
"The Blade compels me."

Viorr, of Breland’s Dark Lanterns (a branch of the King’s Citadel), commissions the Scouts to retrieve a rogue undercover agent Lucan who has stolen an item called the Soul Sword. Upon catching up to Lucan the Scouts discover that he has been turned into a vampire. The Scouts chase Lucan across Brelish and Zilargan landscape, a diplomatic masquerade party in Trolanport, a catastrophic elemental coach wreck, and into an ancient goblinoid Ziggurat. In the end Lucan’s course results in his sister’s Grilsha’s death, but the Scouts were able to disarm Lucan from the Soul Sword and talk him into peaceably returning to face the Dark Lanterns. Lucan appeared to be controlled by the Karrnathi Soul Sword as well as someone called Calderus.

Serial Murders in Underlook. The origin of Daggerslots.
"I will embrace the flesh."

Sgt. Dolom of the Sharn Watch requested the Scouts help in investigating serial murders occurring in the district of Underlook. All of the bodies were flayed and skinned. The Scouts investigated and used Knyana as bait for the killer. During the investigation and their time at the Inn/Tavern, which the murders surrounded, Sachmo created the gambling game Daggerslots. Eventually, the killer took the Knyana-bait. The killer was revealed to be an insane warforged who wished to “embrace the flesh” by collecting and wearing skins. The Scouts chased him to his lair, slew him, and found a vast collection of preserved humanoid skins as well as a manikin that was labeled as The Lord of Blades.

Trouble with the Deathsgate Guild & Knyana's religious activities
"Your kind don't belong here."

During their months and months of living in the City Of Towers the Scouts have had some recurrent and notable interactions with some of its residents.

Incidents between the Deathsgate Guild started with a tavern brawl in the district of Deathsgate. Arkenheld was the target of racial prejudice and crude joking. Comments quickly escalated into a full out tavern brawl resulting in many serious injuries and a couple of incidental deaths. Knyana and Arkenheld (Sachmoo was absent) walked away from the tavern injured. Some of the guild members also found out where the Scouts resided and ambushed them at their shop. Guild members also attempted to steal Arkenheld’s axe “Devastator” once, when ended with most of the members being thrown off the towers of Sharn. The guild finally, exacted some sort of vengeance by following the Scouts on one of their missions and ambushing them. They left Arkenheld’s axe in pieces, and Sachmoo broken-fingered and unconscious.

Knyana has also had some notable interactions with the local followers of the Blood of Vol. The Karrnathi district of Graywall appears to be the Blood of Vol religious center of Sharn. Knyana has attended a few ceremonies (via the Bloody Mug Tavern) in between her work. She has also had meetings with Lan Hazal, a prominent figure in the community and head of the Sharn sect. During one adventure in the mysterious continent of Xen’drik, Knyana found a trove of old elven artifacts including some presumed to be associated with the Blood of Vol. Knyana gave Lan an ancient Blood tome to decipher.

Ransom of a Noble's Son. Arkenheld is born.
"You are my Firstborn, my son. You carry a new name: Arkenheld."

A Sharn nobleman contacted Bartel because his family was in danger. Daask, a criminal organization made up of monstrous humanoids had kidnapped his son for ransom. The nobleman was warned not to contact the Sharn Watch in the matter. He also wanted to keep the deal discreet due to his rumored dealings with Daask. The Scouts were to deliver the ransom in exchange for the boy. Though due fear of continued harassment from Daask, the Scouts were to be awarded extra payment if they were able to “permanently settle” the matter. The exchange was to happen at a run down tavern in Undersharn called the Black Drought. The Scouts secured the boy and the dealings with Daask turned violent. With the help of a shifter named Logarn (one of Bartel’s new hirelings) most of goblinoids were easily dispatched. Though the battle went awry when Logarn went berserk and attacked friend and foe alike – ending up killing and ripping the jaw off of Axeman 317. Knyana exacted vengeance for her companion by offering Logarn “healing” in the form of an inflict wounds spell.

Due to their dealings with House Cannith and knowing that it was them who apparently created the warforged the remaining Scouts wentto Lady Elaydren to see if anything was to be done with their fallen companion. To their surprise Merrix D’Cannith, the leader of Cannith West, whose grandfather created the first warforged for Galifar, met with them a said he was going to try what he could. To the Scout’s surprise and much to his own, Merrix’s revival worked! Axeman 317 lived, though still jawless and bearing many of the scars of his past life. Merrix, gave Axeman 317 a new name: Arkenheld. Arkenheld was the first warforged that Merrix was able to resurrect. Something that neither his father nor his grandfather were able to do. And from that point on Merrix took a personal, special interest in Arkenheld…

Xen'drik, Schemas, Drow, and Xulo. Oh my.
The Land of Mystery

Again, Lady Elaydren sent for the Scouts. The Order of the Emerald Claw had stolen the Schemas and notes that had been collected. Fortunately, Elaydren had examined the Schemas and notes prior and had determined the whereabouts of the final schema. Lady Elaydren knew where the Emerald Claw was headed and she needed the Scouts to stop them.

The perilous journey takes the Scouts across the Shargon’s Teeth to the port settlement of Stormreach on the mysterious continent of Xen’drik. Arkenheld is almost swallowed whole by a dire shark and the Scouts find an Emerald Claw assassin waiting for them in Stormreach. But the Scouts prevail and purchase a rafting guide to take them up river in search of the gigantic ruins. A few days of rafting up river gives the Scouts a glimpse into the strange sight and sounds, flora and fauna of Xen’drik. They eventually find the Emerald claw rafts and take down the EC guards. The Scouts finally reached the ruins in the final schema, the Order of the Emerald Claw, and other dangers await. The Scouts stealthily explore the huge ruins and find different traps setup over the years and also find that many creatures have made the ruins their home. Most notably the Scouts encounter OotEC patrols, the native elves of Xen’drik-the drow, Girillion who have made their home among the ledges of the ruin, a drowned undead elven slave, and an undead giant skeleton. Sachmoo seemingly fell in the battle against the undead giant. But to his companions’ surprise his lifeless body partially repaired itself and Sachmoo was with them again. Though as look of unease, confusion, and perhaps mystery was apparent in his eyes. Knyana and the Scouts also discovered a trove of ancient elven artifacts hidden in a secret elven-slave room. Some of the artifacts seemed to be from the the earlier days of The Blood of Vol (though only called The Blood back then).

In the heart of the ruins the Scouts found the Order of the Emerald Claw using a gnomish scholar to research the ruins using the stolen Schemas and notes. Thaobane was a knight of Karrnath who was in charge of the soldiers and Arkaban was a mummy who saw to the interests of the Blood of Vol. Scimitar, an agent of the Lord of Blades, seemed to hold a temporary alliance with the Blood of Vol as well. An epic battle began in the giant ruins and the Scouts suceeded in laying waste to the Emerald Claw agents, Thaobane, and Arkaban. They also freed the gnomish scholar and helped him figure out where the final Schema was to be found. Once they located the final Schema the gnomish Scholar turned out to be the changeling, Garrow. The Scouts had been a thorn in his side for his whole mission of trying to collect the Schemas. The Scouts seemingly dispatched Garrow but it turned out that they had other pressing issues. The Schemata, now complete, was sentient. and was attaching itself to what appearing to be a giant-sized, proto-construct/warforged. The Schemata identified itself as Xulo and had no wish to go with the Scouts and attacked. Another epic battle ensued between the Scouts and Xulo (controlling a giant construct). Eventually, the Scouts destroyed the construct that Xulo was inhabiting. And began to travel back to Sharn. Although the whole trip back Xulo fought for control of whoever held its pieces. He seemed to especially target Arkenheld.

Once back in Sharn the Scouts where able to get the Schemas to Lady Elaydren and Merrix D’Cannith. The members of House Cannith were immensely pleased and intrigued by Xulo’s identity and they rewarded the Scouts handsomely.

Mercs for Cannith. The End?
You have proven very dependable. We have a delicate task that must be handled.

The Scouts returned to their shop from after their expedition to Xen’drik. Though, upon stepping inside their shop, the Scouts found their home taken over by Lord of Blades agents lead by the onyx faced warforged Darkhelm! A battle ensued that trashed the Scouts and Wonders shop. But Sachmoo, Knyana, and “The Scarred One” were victorious. As they searched the upper levels of their home the Scouts found their hostages:

Bartel: long time friend and shop owner. Nim and Nardod: they had blown up their shop with an experiment and were staying with Bartel. Novatari: an oddly beautiful stranger, who said he was sent to Sachmoo with a message and for protection. Others: a couple of Bartel’s hirelings.

A couple weeks later, after the shop was cleaned up, the Scouts received another message from House Cannith – they had a delicate matter that needed attention. A warforged named Lead defected from House Cannith with some of Cannith’s items. Merrix needed the Scouts to find Lead and his hideout, once they did that Merrix could help by sending reinforcements. The Scouts were tipped on a tavern that Lead sometimes visited. The Scouts were able to locate Lead and follow him back (while springing traps) to his lair in the sewers of Sharn. The Scouts confronted Lead who attacked them with his pack of Iron Defenders because the they “had the stench of that snake Merrix all over” them (which is odd because warforged can’t smell). Merrix used some sort of portal to send warforged reinforcements. In the heat of the battle Merrix requested Arkenheld’s presence and asked him to step into the portal. Which he did. Once Arkenheld was gone, two of the warforged were transformed into warforged titan and began to attack not only Lead but also Knyanam, Sachmoo, and Novatari. Due to the unstable nature of the sewer lair holes opened up in the floor. The remaining Scouts fled down the a hole that had opened up and found a pit filled with water. One of the warforged titans fell into the hole too and the rest of the waforged started pushing in rumble and caving in the hole. Sadly, Knyana was caught in the rubble and despite all effort she drowned. Before being crushed, the warforged titan slew Novatari. Seeing all was lost, Sachmoo used a gaseous form scroll and fled. Sachmoo made a quick stop by Bartel’s to collect his homoculus and a couple of other items then fled Sharn all the way to the Whitehearth facility in the Mournlands.

While all this was happening Arkenheld found himself in a scrying room with Merrix and Xulo. Arkenheld could see his friends being destroyed. Merrix asked Arkenheld to join him a leave his companions behind. Arkenheld would not stand for this and flew into a rage attacking Merrix. Though as any part of Arkenheld’s body approached within acouple of inched of Merrix it turned to dust. Arkenheld repeatedly tried to bash Merrix while more and more of his arms turned to dust. Merrix asked again if Arkenheld woudl stop being a fool and join him. Damaged, Arkenheld fell to his knees as Merrix’s hand crackled with red energy and everything went black…

Hence all of the Scouts were dead or presumed dead….

The Desolation of Kenrunn - Coincidental Meetings??

To be scribed….

Traveling, Bonding, Revelation.
"Where have you been? Who are you...?"

I will give you some routes to your Sharn destination. Remember, “all roads lead to Sharn”.

In the mean time, consider this space for your traveling conversations…


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