Jorberron: Reborn

Lucan - Whispers of the Vampire's Blade
"The Blade compels me."

Viorr, of Breland’s Dark Lanterns (a branch of the King’s Citadel), commissions the Scouts to retrieve a rogue undercover agent Lucan who has stolen an item called the Soul Sword. Upon catching up to Lucan the Scouts discover that he has been turned into a vampire. The Scouts chase Lucan across Brelish and Zilargan landscape, a diplomatic masquerade party in Trolanport, a catastrophic elemental coach wreck, and into an ancient goblinoid Ziggurat. In the end Lucan’s course results in his sister’s Grilsha’s death, but the Scouts were able to disarm Lucan from the Soul Sword and talk him into peaceably returning to face the Dark Lanterns. Lucan appeared to be controlled by the Karrnathi Soul Sword as well as someone called Calderus.

Lady Elaydren - The Forgotten Forge & Whitehearth
"I have a proposition for you."

The Scouts meet their first patron – Lady Elaydren of House Cannith. She comissions them to find an item of interest, a Schema, from the bowels of Sharn. Unfortunately, warforged who identify themselves with the Lord of Blades (LoB) also seek the Schema. The Scouts brave Undersharn, defeat the agents of the Lord of Blades, and deliver the Schema to Lady Elaydren.

In the days following their success, the Scouts are assailed in their own shop. Cutter, the lone surviving LoB agent smashes a vial of acid across Axeman 317’s “traitorous” face. Cutter is easily dispatched, but Axeman 317 is left permanently disfigured. Axeman comes to be known as “The Scarred One” in the ranks of the LoB.

Since the Scouts were successful in their mission, Lady Elaydren comes to them again. Another Schema needs to be recovered. This mission take the Scouts to Darguun (the goblin nation), to the war-ruined town of Rose Quarry, and into the acursed Mournlands to the abandoned House Cannith facility, Whitehearth. Garrow, presumed vampire and follower of the Blood of Vol, leading troops from the Order of the Emerald Claw also sought the Schema. Tharivol was hanged by Garrow, due to his recklessness. In the end, the Scouts retrieved the Schema and the Schema plan.

Bartel's Scout's & Wonders
All roads lead to Sharn, the City of Towers.

A group united by a common desire to each leave behind circumstances and event in their lives, find themselves arriving at the City of Towers.

Bartel(Kemen): Shrew, canny, and business minded. The investor.

Tharivol (Kemen): Bartel’s younger brother. Reckless, irresponsible. Bears a dragonmark, yet shirks his responsibility to the dragonmarked House Medani.

Axeman 3’1’7’ (Warforged): A Cyran warforged. Commrades with Sachmoo on the Cyran fronts. Saved his artificer (Sachmoo) from an assassination attempt. ETC>>>

Sachmo Cochese Mochismo – aka Fogpatch (Presumed Human): Stowaway, Adopted Cyran Brother, Hazy past. Electric blue hair, seems not to age, has a way with warforged. ETC>>>

Knyana Knora (Aerenal-born Elf): Affiliations with her religion caused her to be run out of her home country. Worshipper of the the Blood of Vol, unnatural interest in vampire-kin. ETC>>>

The group sets up a shop dubbed “Bartel’s Scouts & Wonders” to sell their unique services and to sell unusual acquisitions from their travels.


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