A short lithe hairy shifter with some bat and some bear physical features. Disappeared in the night while in the Temple of Kha'shazul. Has reappeared recently at Knyana's greatest need.


This shifter is equal in combat both up close and at a distance. He carries a magical longsword, and a magical shortbow, which was gifted by the Nameless One. The shortbow was newly acquired, so he is still trying to figure out all of its odd features.

When shifting, a set of bat-like wings will expand from under his arms, connecting wrist to hip. Due to this, his sides are typically open to the air for easy access and Breetaw takes special care to protect this area unprotected by his armour. His bat-like features become more prominent during the shift, especially the nose and ears. Due to the nature of his shifting, he will also heal some minor injuries upon returning to his natural state.


Raised in the north in a traditional shifter society, it was bred into him to value personal freedom over all other attributes. He will fight for other’s freedoms stopping only where it would infringe upon his own.

Breetaw is not bothered in any way by any style or type of shifting, transmuting, changing, or otherwise altering one’s personal appearance. This includes both magical and natural changes.

Breetaw is excited to be “taken under the wings” of a clearly more powerful group of humanoids, as he feels like this is an excellent opportunity to prove himself battle-worthy and to fight larger, stronger forces in his pursuit of freedom.

Now is the time to show what this Shifter is made of.


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