Paladin, Templar of the Silver Flame, companion of White Recluse. Wary of the WR's undead companions and disillusioned with the figurehead of the Order of Arkenheld. Left the group to return to Thrane and seek counsel from his mentors.


Paladin, Templar of the Silver Flame, member of The Order of Arkenheld, companion of White Recluse.
Heavy set warforged with adamantine plating. Reliefs of flame are carved into parts of his body, mainly around the head. One side of his neck and jaw are heavily scarred.
Magic Longsword,
Magic Shield,
Can repair warforged damage similar to a paladin.


Brill Blade is part of the Order of the Arkenheld and a follower of the Silver Flame. He sought out the Artificer of Arkenheld and after years of searching, he finally found him. To his surprise, a short time after finding the Artificer, the two of them together also found the warforged formerly known as Arkenheld, formerly known as Axeman 317.

Brill Blade was once inert and later was reinvigorated to life by what he claims was the Silver Flame.

He knows of the town that many other warforged are trying to establish in the Mournlands.

He is tough and strong, but perhaps not so as Arkenheld.


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