White Recluse

A mysterious man with a lot of magic, gadgets, and magical gadgets. Slayer of Famine.


Carries a very painful spear. Can fly. Glows. Can move really fast. Has a warforged companion and an iron defender (metal guard dog).

Most of his gear is embossed or sewn with a spider web pattern. This is especially noticeable with his cloak, robe, and mask.

MAGIC: Spear, cloak, robe, boots, belt, gloves, bracers, gauntlet, amulet, mask, helmet, wands, scrolls, potions, and many other small items.


Since the [[Last Day]], White Recluse existed in a hole in the ground and not much more. Over the course of 8 years he saw and spoke with fewer souls. So in a hole and vengeance in his throat, he went to work crafting devices of power to protect himself and smite others. Many seemed to be hunting him and they would not have the pleasure of accomplishing their task for good or evil.

I was told of a dragon prophecy that is false and it appears that The Lord of Blades is believing every word. I was sent by one who can see far and has many agents to bring him knowledge. He didn’t know the whereabouts of my dead companion and Arkenheld, but as my reward for stopping this pawn move he said he would try to locate them.

Novetari’s Sister has visited with me and paid with her life against someone who was not her enemy. Still, I have two boons to her credit and she gave several to mine. To survive, we cannot live in absolutes as the Kalashtar have done. We must trust someone. Right now, the only ones I can trust are Arkenheld, Knyana, Rourgh, and Khlor. Though a few of the others seem to have been brought to this place on similar information for that goal, so I must be able to trust them at some point as we are all agents against the dragon prophecy, all enemies of the Lord of Blades and on some level that makes us allies. And Brillblade didn’t seem to have too much difficulty accepting my command and dispatching a fellow warforged, so his heart is shining through.

White Recluse is willing to make almost any magic item for a friend, given the time and resources. He is especially passionate about equipping warforged to fulfill their full potential.

White Recluse

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