• Anchor


    Warforged "employed" at the Rusty Anchor in Regalport. Resisted Slag and WR's offer of freedom.
  • Arkaban


    [DECEASED] Mummy who assisted Garrow with the Schemas in Xen'drik.
  • Bartel


    Shrew, canny, and business minded. The investor behind Bartel's Scouts & Wonders. [DECEASED]
  • Brillblade


    Paladin, Templar of the Silver Flame, companion of White Recluse. Wary of the WR's undead companions and disillusioned with the figurehead of the Order of Arkenheld. Left the group to return to Thrane and seek counsel from his mentors.
  • Capt. Krail Sorrowbringer

    Capt. Krail Sorrowbringer

    Cloudreaver, Ex-Captain of the Laughing Lady. [DECEASED]
  • Crew of the Dying Son

    Crew of the Dying Son

    The salty, haphazard crew of the Dying Son. Loyal to Capt. Drislock and sail under the flag of Prince Rygar.
  • Daask


    Criminal organization located in Sharn. The Scouts dealt with Daask when commissioned to rescue a noble man's son being held for ransom.
  • Damog Hellscurvy

    Damog Hellscurvy

    Captain of the Sea Wyverns. The Justice Keep helped his crew "acquire" a new ship - The Laughing Lady.
  • Darkhelm


    A Captain in the Order of Arkenheld. One of the founders of New Trumpeton. Once an enemy, now an ally?
  • Death - The Keeper's Servant

    Death - The Keeper's Servant

    One of the Four Horsemen that got away.
  • Doc Grimm

    Doc Grimm

    Salty Lhazaarite. One of the few Sea Wyverns that are worth a damn.
  • Dross


    [DECEASED] "I will embrace the flesh". Twisted warforged serial killer who "embraced the flesh" by skinning his victims. Worshipped a manikin of the Lord of Blades. The Scouts investigated this case after the Sharn Watch asked for assistance.
  • Dura Ir'Matellan

    Dura Ir'Matellan

    [DECEASED] Order of the Emerald Claw Captain - A tall, imposing Karrnathi, assumes that the group has acquired the Demon's Eye.
  • Erky Timbers

    Erky Timbers

    Wielder of Flamecaster. Accidentally stumbled upon ancient glyphs that lets him commune with specfic spirits.
  • Failin


    An AWOL dragonmarked individual who provided traveling assistance (via an earth elemental cart) to the Scouts as they travelled Darguun and the Mournlands looking for Whitehearth.
  • Ferdinot


    Cloudreaver, Sorcerer, and Ex-Firstmate of the Laughing Lady. Captured and slain by Slag after trying to escape. [DECEASED]
  • Forgemaster


    House Kundarak Artificer. Stationed in the Lhazaar Penal Mine. Held control over a Contruct of Chains. [DECEASED]
  • Garrow


    [DECEASED] A cleric of the Blood of Vol. Used his shape changing abilities to masquerade as a vampire. Had many encounters with the Scouts as they both searched for the Schemas. Responsible for hanging Tharivol from the rafters of Rose Quarry.
  • House Cannith

    House Cannith

    The Dragonmarked House that controls the Mark of Making. Was the Scouts' primary patron before an apparent betrayal which caused the death of Knyana and Arkenheld to go missing..
  • Jheamast


    [DECEASED] Ancient Sarlonan explorer, who lived an abnormally long life. Reportedly entombed on the Isle of Trebaz Sinara.
  • Jukkeam


    Teenage son of a desperate father. Held in the Lhazaar Penal Mines. The Justice Keep rescued him from his captivity.
  • Khlor


    White Recluse's lil' fella
  • Krucklak Twins

    Krucklak Twins

    Ogre Mage twins in the employ of Dura Ir'Matellan [DECEASED]. Slain by Slag and his Nightmare.
  • Lady Elaydren

    Lady Elaydren

    A noble of House Cannith tasked with retrieval of the Xulo Schemas. The point person for the Scouts' dealings with House Cannith.
  • Lan Hazal

    Lan Hazal

    The leader of the Sharn sect of the Blood of Vol. A community figure, head of one of Sharn's older families. Respects Knyana and took her in when she became one of the Drowned.
  • Laughing Lady escapee

    Laughing Lady escapee

    Cloudreaver Pirate. Ex-Crew member of the Laughing Lady. The only crew member able to escape when the Justice Keep commandeered the Laughing Lady.
  • Lhazaar Penal Mine Warden

    Lhazaar Penal Mine Warden

    Member of House Kundarak, Iron fisted warden of the unsanctioned Lhazaar Penal Mines. [Deceased]
  • Logarn


    [DECEASED] One of a few new hands hired by Bartel after the original Scouts were gone on an extended mission. Went into a rage when the Scouts encountered Daask, resulting in Axeman 317's death. Knyana "healed" him with an inflict wounds.
  • Lord Vorgaard

    Lord Vorgaard

    Karrnathi expatriot and antiquities collector. The party sought Vorgaard out only to find his mansion being consumed by a raging inferno.
  • Lucan


    Ex-agent of the Dark Lanterns. Was "infected" by Calderus's vampirism until Knyana brought him release by converting him into a Qualbarin. Has left for Sharn to start investigating Calderus's Coven.
  • Merrix D'Cannith

    Merrix D'Cannith

    Leader of House Cannith West. "Father" of the warforged. Engineer of Axeman 317 being reborn as Arkenheld. Responsible for Arkenheld's disappearance.
  • Nim and Nardod

    Nim and Nardod

    Eccentric gnome inventors whose shop was adjacent to Bartel's Scouts & Wonders. Blew their own shop up on more than one occasion.
  • Novatari


    [DECEASED] A short lived, self-proclaimed protector of Sachmo. Was able to conjure blades made of pure light. Died in the same incident as Knyana.
  • One-Eye


    Ship Physician on The Dying Son. Long time, salty sailor who is true to his name -he wears a patch over his right eye.
  • Pestilence


    Another enemy escaped.
  • Rourgh


    White Recluse's Iron Defender - More than meets the eye.
  • Rygar Ir'Wynarn

    Rygar Ir'Wynarn

    High Prince of the Lhazaar Principalities. Pirate lord of the Greentarn Principality and Captain of the Sea Dragons.
  • Sachmo Cochese Mochismo

    Sachmo Cochese Mochismo

    Artificer left over from the Last War in Cyre. Slayer of Famine.
  • Sgt. Dolom

    Sgt. Dolom

    The Scouts' contact person in the Sharn Watch.
  • Sheriff Reginald Gallington

    Sheriff Reginald Gallington

    Sheriff, Veteran of the Last War
  • Sur'kil


    The first patron of the Walking Dead. Researcher and Antiquital Nerd.
  • Tav


    Innumerable faces and forms embody incredible agility of body, mind and career. Disappeared during the night while in the Temple of Kha'shazul. Has not been seen since.
  • Thaobane


    [DECEASED] A Knight of Bone of Karrnath. Protector and military figure (OotEC) for Garrow's Schema recovery in Xen'drik.
  • The Blood of Vol (BoV)

    The Blood of Vol (BoV)

    A religion devouted to the worship of undeath. Many sects. Many fanatics.
  • The Dark Lanterns

    The Dark Lanterns

    The Scouts assisted the Dark Lanterns in reacquiring Lucan, a rogue agent, turned vampire. Viorr, was the Scouts' contact in that instance.
  • The Lord of Blades

    The Lord of Blades

    A myth? A god? A proponent of warforged liberty? A tyrant? Many warforged agents of the Lord of Blades have fallen at the hands of the Scouts. Arkenheld is known as "The Scarred One" and "The Jawless One" among the LoB's ranks.
  • The Order of the Emerald Claw

    The Order of the Emerald Claw

    The military arm of the Blood of Vol. Labeled as terrorists and religious fanatics even in their home country of Karrnath.
  • Thirst


    Accursed warforged enemy, who has a thirst for blood. Affiliated with the Order of the Emerald Claw.
  • Urevehocymkearsus


    Huge Brass Dragon and Blood of Vol associate. Was slain on top of the Orrery of Vortuum, fighting over the Demon's Eye.
  • Vrimtake Ritter

    Vrimtake Ritter

    Firstmate of the Dying Son. An exceptionally groomed and well mannered leonine humanoid who towers over the crew at 7'3"
  • Wilhelm Ir'Drislock

    Wilhelm Ir'Drislock

    Captain of the Dying Son. Sails under the flag of High Prince Rygar.