Jorberron: Reborn

The Demon's Eye

Wrap up

The Walking Dead has finally found the Orrery of Vortuum.

After Trebaz Sinara the group sailed south aboard the Dying Son to the Dragon Reach Sea. Our ship was overtaken by Dura Il’Matellin and a new crew of Elvish Emerald Claw mercenaries. Knyana finally got a chance to square off with Dura woman to woman, and this time undead to undead as Dura had been granted unlife after we killed her weeks ago. Knyana overpowered Dura with ease this time and she was destroyed utterly with nowhere to run. On Dura’s boat, we found a babbling and mentally unstable Erky Timbers (was this so much different than when we last saw him with a touch of Malphous?). One Emerald Claw pirate was taken alive and he was interrogated and awaiting punishment. Before Captain Drislock could mete out the infidel’s judgment, White Recluse pierced his eye at the end of Cold Spinner’s Pincer. It seems Capt. Drislock agreed with the fate and sentenced the EC pirate to death. But WR was guilty of breaking captain’s law and was sentenced to lashes for disobeying the order not to harm the prisoner. It was a right punishment, but a hard one to receive.

We soon reached the volcanic island and found that other branches of the Emerald Claw were already here before us. We found many boats burned to the ground and the villagers in an uproar swarming toward a tower buttressed into the edge of a volcano— just like we had seen in Jhemast’s dreams. While attempting to avoid the villagers, we flew directly from the ship to the tower. BAD MISTAKE! On top of the tower were 4 stone guardians— always a weary subject to be sure, and this is why: They came to life and careened through the air to keep us out. One of the stone dragons breathed a terrible gas that turned Flash, Slag’s Nightmare, completely to stone in the blink of an eye. Slag plummets… hundreds of feet to the side of the mountain. I caught him before the ground and lowered him like a feather. Once we were on the ground his face exploded into a terrible light and force that dug up earth in front of him as he collapsed in a heap. The curse has reached its peak and was wreaking havoc on his body. WR tried to help him recover.

Meanwhile, Knyana was on recon as a bat swarm to the top of the tower to find an entrance and this was the last we saw of her for too long. Breetaw was flying in via chain from Flash and when we met the stone dragons, he transformed and floated down to the mountain. Breetaw took time to find his companions firing signal arrows down the mountainside and getting return signals of light from WR. With quite an effort WR and Slag climbed the mountain side to join Breetaw in “storming the castle”.

Floor 1 held a camp of EC mercs, a terribly bloated puss-ogre, and 3 incompetent mages that hurled fireballs into melee and then one of them finally suicided himself. Flying into the second floor invisibly, WR found Knyana beaten, tied, gagged, hooded, and captive ready to hang out a window. Though she looked different now. No time for questions, WR got into position for rescue and waited for the cavalry which arrived at just the right time. Among the leaders here were Malik and Thirst. Finally a chance for Slag to destroy his nemesis Thirst, but Breetaw swooped in for the kill with an expertly threaded arrow. WR and Knyana took down Malik which seemed to be some alien full of guts of worms- disgusting! Undead? Vampire? We’re unsure, but the maggots have definitely been dispersed. We bypassed one door believing that another would get us to the top of the tower and to the orb that would heal two of our squad.

Up the spiraling stairs we found one more floor with a few EC mercs and then another door that progressed into darkness. We were that much closer to the goal so into the darkness we went. Then we found ourselves alone in strange environs. Slag in a half-circle room divided into odd winding passage ways and dead ends. Here he fought and killed two minotaurs. Knyana found herself in half-circle room full of chain curtains and a creature made up of chains which she dispatched with holy fire. It seems our mettle was being tested. Breetaw faced some warriors that animated from mirrors that were destroyed only when he destroyed the mirrors themselves. White Recluse faced a terrifying cloud of mental energy and nearly succumbed to its power, but pulling on the strength of his warforged body elements was able to repair himself and overcome the creature with the Cold Spider’s Spinner. When each of us killed the creature, we found a key and a door which put us back into a spiral staircase going up to an ornate door. This must be where the orb is hidden.

We prepared ourselves with our most powerful spells and stormed out into the wide open air on the top of the tower. We saw the stone dragons perched on their spires and in the center of the roof was a 10’ tall orb of shimmering metallic colors. The orb that healed Jhemast! On the north spire, a couatl was crucified to the stone. Friend or foe, we didn’t know. Slag and Kynana moved in immediately to touch the orb, the Demon’s Eye, to lift the curses plaguing them. No time for the couatl as a HUGE lava dragon came screaming out of the volcano dropping pools of lava on the roof. The ROAR, the SPEED, and the HEAT swayed Breetaw, White Recluse, and Kyana SHAKEN. Then it roared into the sky and we lost it in the clouds. It was lost for some moments. White Recluse used the moments to try to read the mind of the couatl to find if it could aid us. It blocked his projections, so it would have to wait. And then it wasn’t lost anymore. It bulleted to land on the roof with us and bided its time to engage us.

We attempted to parley, though knowing our position was not one for bargaining, thought at least to barter for a few extra moments to heal our friends so they might be up for a bigger fight. It questioned us as if we were servants of Vol and strangely seemed okay with that result. Had it seen Thirst or Malik on the rooftop and scared them off easily enough? Would we be as easy to strike fear and flee? As soon as Knyana heard “Vol” escape the forked tongue of the huge bronze dragon, she rebuffed any alliance the creature perceived. The draco examined and perceived… Qual’baran— MORTAL ENEMIES! Hope of extra moments in parley now dashed, we strike first with spells and arrows.

Knyana and Slag hugged the orb with as much gusto as could be managed dodging and weaving all the while strategizing for their best action to cause the beast harm. The dragon breathed and caught Kynana, Slag, and Breetaw in a torrent of hellfire. Our company is stout in resolve. Breetaw continued a hail of arrows, and Knyana lobbed spells, White Recluse switched his helm for the psionic crown. Then Slag moved in closer to deal with the dragon and the dragon dealt with Slag by quickly clamping its jaws around our friend. Never counted out, Slag attacked from the inside wrenching Dolour’s Gate at the softer tissues inside draco’s mouth. And an extra something the dragon did not expect— Spikes of Wounding all over Slag’s body! PTEW! Draco spat Slag south still on the roof of the tower. Arrows fly and Slag mounts up for battle again. Draco hits Slag with every thing it had claw, claw, wing buffet, wing buffet, tail swipe, and bite. Slag battles from the inside again and the spikes are bringing the dragon low. White Recluse speeds time to repair his friend and the dragon tried to spit the wounding-one again, but fails to get him over the edge of the tower. WR takes some spear shots and just barely misses with three hits. The dragon goes for Knyana and snatches her up in one of its talons. Breetaw hit the dragon critically in the eye and then Slag was back on his feet for the death blow. The creature shuddered, lurched, moaned, flapped its wings, then quivered and died. The Walking Dead lept on its back with stabs, slashes, and chops splaying the creature’s armored flesh open to ensure its demise. And it gave one final ghostly exhale. Knyana, with her intimacy of the dead, confirmed that its soul had departed.

Feeling confident the crew decided to free the couatl. WR removed a spike on its neck and healed the wound. Having earlier removed a slave collar, the creature finally revived to slur some words, “Sachmo?” How did it know his name? It said it was Sur’kil. How can our former employer be this winged serpent nailed to the spire before us? After removing the other spikes and healing again, we understand that couatls can change shape… and they are also natural enemies of dragons which makes sense for Sur’kils claims that he has hunted dragons for a long time.

Sur’kil confirms
- this dragon was Ureave
- this dragon was a mature adult, possibly hundreds of years old
- Ureave has been serving Vol
With all that true, we have defeated every named person or creature that hunted us in the name of Vol: Dura- dead and destroyed, Thirst- rendered inert and dismembered, Malik- dispatched and dispersed, Ureave- wounded, chopped, and skinned.

White Recluse and Slag chop large sections of dragon faceplate, wing, and teeth for use in armor and weapon creation for sale or personal use.
4x large faceplate sections enough for one suit of full plate or 2 breastplates
2x large sections of wing enough for 2 full suits of leather armor
4x incisors for use in swords, daggers, or other wondrous items

In the chopping of dragon armor, Knyana spotted a dismembered horn that seemed oddly loose. She found it hollow and within unrolled a large black blanket, once unfurled gave way to an extradimensional space hosting gleaming treasure— the DRAGON’S HOARD!

We have many questions for Sur’Kil.
We have many items of magic needing distinction.
We have much treasure needing accounting.
We have a room in the tower due investigation.


Nice! I look forward to reading the rest of the account (I edited some proper noun spellings.)

The Demon's Eye

WR has the following items so far to be identified:
A. from the running drow wizard
1. bracers
2. light crossbow
3. dagger
4. scroll in a case
B. from Thirst
1. scepter/light mace (wonder if this is another Khashzul item)
2. 2 beads
3. ragged cloak
4. pieces of mithril from his body
5. WR also collected his head to examine his breath weapon magics and mechanics
C. Ureave’s treasure hoard…

The Demon's Eye

Let’s start a conversation with Sur’kil and a conversation about what your plans are before we get to identifying items (which takings time)

Corrections: There were NO drow wizards, they were black skinned humans.
Sur’kil never claimed (yet) that he is an enemy of dragons or a hunter of dragons.

The Demon's Eye

Sur’kil changes forms into the middle-aged Brelish man that you met at the onset of this adventure.
Sur’Kil: “Perhaps, this form will make you more comfortable. From what I’ve observed as a captive, we should be safe up here for the moment. Only dragon kin can safely approach the tower from the air, other of Vol have tried. Also the Emerald Claw have been unsuccessful in their attempts to access this area the way your group did. This is why Ureve and I were up here – waiting for them. Ureve herself was unable to physically touch the Demon’s Eye.
Though there are others of the Claw that prowl the isle still, in addition to the native guardians. Both groups may pose problems when trying to leave Vortuum.”

The Demon's Eye

Sur’kil had claimed when we met him back in Sharn initially that he had killed a few dragons. And if I remember this part correctly, he was wearing armor or other garb that at least looked like dragon scales. I remember his whole presence personified a dragon hunter… his visage backed up his words.

questions to Sur’kil:
1. how were you and Erky separated?
2. what do you know of these magical collars. they seem to enslave or stupefy the wearer.
3. if the demon’s eye was never completed, why was Ureve not able to touch it?
4. do you know anything of the villagers ways, goals, or leadership?
5. How can we move the Demon’s Eye to take it back to Sharn? Vol still wants the Demon’s Eye and with no one reporting back to her on the contrary, she will still consider it a valuable weapon/artifact. She may waste resources trying to acquire it to no avail, but if we had it in our possession, we could research it, learn from it, or at minimum sell it to someone else who could keep it from her.
6. While you were captive have you heard any mention of The Dreaming Dark, the Inspired, Sarlona, Kalashtar, Riedra, Dal’Quor, or Quo’ri?
7. While you were captive have you heard any mention of Merrix De’Cannith or the Lord of Blades?

The Demon's Eye

Sorry, I was only thinking of your recent conversation. You are correct, Sur’kil was one of the top members in a dragon hunters guild, The Dragon’s Maw, and was one of the few members that had actually met a dragon, let alone killed one.
And yes he did, as he does now in his human form, dress in finer dragon leather/scale type clothing.
Answers to come later…

The Demon's Eye

Sur’kil answers:

1) As you know, when your group and I separated in Adderport, Erky and I headed to Korranberg Library in Zilargo to do further research on your aberrant marks, the temple artifacts, and information you obtained from Kha’shazul. We must have been followed for shortly after we arrived in Korranberg, we were ambushed and overpowered by Ur’eve, Thirst, and their Vol associates. That was the last time I saw Erky.

2) The only thing I know about that collar is that it suppressed my innate magics similar to wizard’s manacles.

3) I cannot be exactly sure until I do further studies on both the orb and the Orrery. My suspicions are that it has to do with the magical protection left by the dragons of old who brought the orb here. But again, I can’t be sure until I do further studies.

4) No, I do not. I barely learned of the existence of Vortuum before ambushed at Korranberg. My guess is that the natives revere dragon kin like some do on Argonessen and are here to protect the island from ‘infidels’ such as us.

5) As I said, I plan on doing further study of both the orb and the Orrery. That is, I plan on staying on the Isle for the forseeable future. Once it is determined safe and able to move, me and my associates will transfer the Eye to a safe place. It will be some time before Vol and the Covenant learns about the failure of this mission and more time before they are able to make it back here. Do not worry, for there will be no need for you to stay with me, this is where we will part ways. I realize that the payment I gave to The Dying Sun will be almost fully spent. I will pay your way back to Kemenyara. This is the least I can do for you all.

6 & 7) No, I tend keep out of the affairs of the Inspired. Although, given Jheamast’s past and his involement in the history of the Demon’s Eye, research in Riedra may not be out of the question. Speaking of Jheamast, I will need a full accounting of your time spent in the Lhazaar Principalites and Trebaz Sinara when we have the time.
Of Merrix or the Lord of Blades, I have not either. I confess that I am surprised that you have the names of such people and organizations, when most of them try to keep their names or identities from being public knowledge.

Also, I will need the sending stones that I gave you in Q’barra. In return, I will give you this [SUR’KIL GIVES YOU A SILVER AND TURQUOISE SENDING STONE] this sending stone is much more potent and will work once but you can contact me (or any other creature you are familiar with) across any distance.

The Demon's Eye

Sur’kil: In addition to hearing the story of your adventures in Lhazaar, would also like to examine Knyana’s and Slag’s marks again to be sure that the curse is lifted. I must say that I am surprised that the aberrant marks were not removed with the curse.

Do any of you have any other questions and requests of me?

The Demon's Eye

Slag allows Sur’kil to examine the dragonmark and informs him of the powers that have manifested since the affliction.

The Demon's Eye

Knyanna will also allow Sur kil to examine my mark. I will also give him one of my copies (in Draconic) that leaves me with one in elvish to trabaz senora. I will share my new ability as well. I will discuss my theory of this being a mark of one of the lost house marks? 13th mark?

The Demon's Eye

Sur’kil, and everyone else. If you want to stay and research this huge ball, then this solves our problem of attempting to move it. I agree we need to check out the room we left behind. Also, I’m noticing those metal mandibles growing from Slag’s face. So, here’s my thoughts:
We stay a night here in the orrery. Slag, and/or Knyana stay in contact with the orb during this period. Perhaps it will finish growing a jaw back for Slag and who knows what else… Sur’kill, this may be your only chance to research the orb with a participant other than yourself. Knyana and Satchmo, you will be able to get your spells back and we can all rest and heal. This will prepare us for whatever may lurk behind that ancient door.
There is only one way up to this rooftop and we can easily defend it against any intruders trying to climb up.
This will also give Satchmo and myself time to go through Ureve’s treasure and perhaps find anything immediately usable to any of us. Also, it will give Satchmo the time to identify those items.
Sur’kill, do you think there is anything you can do to help Erky?
Lastly, we need to come up with a plan to get from the island back to the ship. Neither Slag nor Knyana are currently capable of flight and my flight time will not last long enough for that length of time.
Sorry…Sur’kill, it is good to see you alive and well. We had doubts that we’d ever see you again.

The Demon's Eye

Sur’kil: “Hmmmm…Breetaw speaks wise. If the rest of you assent to staying up here for the evening. Then I would have ample time to examine both of your marks and the active effects of the Demon’s Eye. This would certainly be helpful. This would also give us time to observe and plan a strategy to get you all back to the Dying Sun. I would like to assist you getting back to the Dying Son as it will give me a chance to pay your way back to Kemenyara and also to examine Erky.
You are wiser than you first seem, Breetaw.”

The Demon's Eye

I am fine with this plan to stay tonight….White Recluse is also ok with this. WR writes: White Recluse says we should stay to get spells and heal before assaulting the unknown room. The Dragon Horde would be better examined on the boat…WR would like to spend his night examining the orb as well to make sure it is a dead artifact before we just leave it. Jordan: Did we take sufficient time to search Malik and Thirst? We may have written off valuable items due to the maggots and grossness?
As for travel back to the boat we welcome help from Sur Kil but it may not be necessary. White Recluse can go to the Dying Sun once we meet the shore line and he can go to the boat and get a skiff to come get us unless Sur Kil can lift over a thousand pounds then that’s an option too.

Knyanna will allow Sur Kil to examine her mark and pray for spells and keep the portable hole safe for now….we can examine it later.

The Demon's Eye

The majority of the group wants to stay on top of the Orrery for the night, thus you do so.

Watches don’t need to be established as Slag remains vigilant while touching the orb and it also appears Sur’kil has no need of sleep this night either. The night passes rather uneventfully. From your vantage on the Orrery you can see the stars and the Ring of Siberys blazing like jewels in the night sky. At one point, off to the East, you see lightning off in the distance over the water, but the storm does not approach the isle.

Knyana: You remain in contact with the Demon’s Eye through out the night. You feel the hum of the Eye tickle your senses, but it is different than the first time you touched it. Though the golden line of light does pass over your body several times throughout the night. For the first night in many months, you feel the need to meditate so that you will feel refreshed in the morning. Your mark mildly itches as the night passes and Sur’kil examines you. He marks nothing of too much importance, too bad the same cannot be said about your companion, Slag.

Slag: You remain in contact with the Demon’s Eye through out the night. You feel the hum of the Eye tickle your senses, but it is different than the first time you touched it. Although the golden line of light does pass over your body several times throughout the night. Your faces itches. Sur’kil examines you, making measurements of various sorts, few of which you understand. Sur’kil maintains a ‘Tonk face’ throughout. After a while though you know that something is happening, your have sensation in your jaw. That’s right, your JAW. You reach a hand up to touch this jaw. But it is not there, not fully there anyways. While you are having ghost sensations a full jaw, it is not yet complete. BUT the side plates are growing ever so slowly down your face have elongated and started to curve. The ghost sensations continue throughout the night, then a couple hours before dawn the sensations are not ghostly anymore. You now have a fully formed jaw on your lime-green marked face. Sachmo is looking at you with astonishment, while Sur’kil examines you and simply says, “Hm. Interesting.”

Sachmo: You do some examination and observation of the Demon’s Eye throughout the night. The artifact, is not dead. Rather it still hums with life. And by morning you see some of the effect it can still have, as Slag’s jaw is regrown.

Breetaw: You rest securely. Is there anything else specific that you wish to do?

Regarding Malik and Thirst. Sufficient time? That depends on who you ask. Maybe? Perhaps? You were very wary of Malik’s putrid, wormy remains.

The Demon's Eye

Nothing else specific. While I am awake, I scan the perimeter of the orrery. I’m watching the ground and the sky for intruders. I also periodically check on the two touching the orb while bugging Satchmo relentlessly to see what’s in the dragon hoard. Any further time is spent listening at the entrance for footsteps coming up the stairs.
Also, Satchmo, will you go up to those other two platforms and see if anything is up there? Keep an eye on those stone dragons though, if they even begin to move, come back down.
Does anyone think it would be beneficial for me to come in contact with the orb? So far, I’ve stayed away from it.
Also, Jordan, I’m trying to pay attention to my connection with Knyana. Has it changed at all? Also curious whether or not she still drinks blood, or would rather have normal food.

The Demon's Eye

breetaw: I am still Qualbarin but never NEEDED the blood, I do now need to eat regular food as I am living.
I will meditate for spells and sleep 4 hours…
I will examine my mark..does it still look dead?

The Demon's Eye

Hooray! Jaw party! Does it look handsome? (+ Charisma??? I believe it was lowered due to the unsightly appearance.)

The Demon's Eye

Knyana: Correct, you never NEEDED blood for sustinance. You only ever needed blood to maintain connections to those under your protection or if you were mortally wounded. Now you do NEED food and drink daily to survive, just like the rest of mortals. It is a conflicting feeling you have, now that you are ‘living’ things seems duller and muted. Although, you do feel closer to the magical aspects of the Qualbarin faith.
Your mark has changed. It is as pink and soft as a newborn’s skin. Sur’kil and you discuss your 13th Mark theory during the night. It definitely does pique his interest, though he informs you that when House Vol was decimated by the dragons and elves, everything about them was utterly destroyed. “There is no known record of the 13th mark, the Mark of Death. Except…on Lady Vol herself. It is said, that Erandis d’Vol still bears the mark of death upon her undead flesh. I only say this because it appears that you already know the greatest secret of the Blood of Vol, that their matriarch still ‘lives’.”

Breetaw: Make 4 spots checks and 2 listen checks. Also, your connection with Knyana is still there, just not as intimate and intense.

Slag: +1 CHA. Handsome? It all depends on perspective. But it is a full, solid, for real jaw. Now you can literally chew up and spit out your enemies. I will have a pic for you at our next session. War even starts to grow some spike stubble on it for you.

I’m liking the flow of things, guys. Nice work. Keep your conversations going.

The Demon's Eye

Maybe the research isn’t as heavy as I thought, perhaps we should take an inventory of items in the portable hole. I’ll go through this with Breetaw before he crashes for the night and we’ll catalog the items. I’ll use my ability to detect magic on everything to determine if it is magical then we can prioritize them for identifying. We can identify them back on the boat unless there seems to be one or a few that demand immediate understanding for immediate use.

For my part on the orb, I’ll connect with the orb for an hour or so and examine the golden light on my skin first-hand (pun intended). I’ll use my detect magic to try to discern what magic is happening during the light. I’ll Use Magic Device to try to understand how to operate the orb. I’m especially curious if it strengthens my wardening ability for the creature lurking inside me, wondering if it weakens the creature or draws out any abilities from the creature to me. I’m also going to attempt to use it as a crystal ball, viewing and hearing places in Sharn like our old shop. I’ll attempt to use it like a telescope or radio antenna scoping out stars and distant planes. I’ll attempt to locate the Lord of Blades, Vol, and Merrix DeCannith.

I’ll ask Sur’kil about the possibility that the orb might be a massive summoning stone to call/control dragons or demons or aliens…

To others: We should search Thirst and Malik again when we go to examine the door and the room beyond.

The Demon's Eye

Spot 16, 9, 7, 8
Listen 13, 8
In the morning I will share my food with Knyana. It’s just trail rations, but better than nothing. Looking forward to hearing what we catalog from the hoard.
I decide to keep my distance from the orb, but reiterate my curiosity about what’s up on the other two platforms as I can’t shift to fly any more this day.
With the portable hole opened all the way, does it look possible to roll the orb into it, sizewise?

The Demon's Eye

Breetaw and WR investigate the Urevhocymkearsus’s hoard…

The ‘portable hole’ can be folded up as small as a handkerchief. When spread upon the Orrery floor it unfolds to a diameter of 6ft wide and 10 ft deep. WR: you note that this is an extra dimensional space, and that extra dimensional spaces do not mix well with one another. Breetaw: the orb (12ft diameter)would not fit.

Inside the portable hole you find…

-The proverbial mound of gold, silver, and platinum pieces. It would take too long to count at this point.
-Gems: 12 pearls (4 black, 6 pink, and 2 white), 1 large golden colored diamond, and 4 smaller yellowish crystals with differing cuts.

-Items that you determined as non-magical
-Satin, high heeled boots with ivory buttons
-Jet brooch fashioned in the shape of a cat with ruby eyes
-Silver mirror with a stone frame shaped like a headstone
-A half-melted crown set with 3 intact rubies and 1 larger blueish diamond
-A silver baby’s cup with the inscription, “Felicity”
-Four gold rimmed crystal goblets engraved “Hard Work Yields Just Rewards.”
-An incredibly soft and supple grey cloak
-A small, leather bound journal like book with a simple list (1 or more various languages) written inside.

-Items you determine to be magical.
-A silver longsword with a jet, flame-carved pommel, inscribed, “For brave service and nobility in the face of certain death.”
-A lecturn that hovers 3 inches off the ground
-Woven rug depicting a field of flowers that lets off a sweet scent
-Two javelins
-Painting of molten lava flowing through an underground tunnel. The painting is warm to the touch.
-A golden dagger with ruby set in the pommel, inscribed, “May life flow like blood.”
-A thin mithril chain necklace set with 4 Siberys dragonshards with 1 emerald in the center.

-Potions: 1 colored black, 2 colored viridian green

-Scrolls: 3

I will answer your other requests/actions/questions later…

The Demon's Eye

awesome! sounds like a lot of goodness! we should make some decent money selling this stuff (gems, jewelry, and other nonmagical items). there are enough pearls to identify the magic items.

Do I recall which of the pearl types are worth more (pink or black)? Not sure if I’ve seen a pink before. I want to appraise each of these gems and other jewelry/ornate items, but that can wait for the boat.

All, it strikes me with the couple magic items and their inscriptions that much of this gear may have been given or earned based on Ureve’s involvement with Vol, so let’s be careful not to tough before we examine closely. Some items may act as a beacon back to the one the dragon served or may even be cursed or cause harm for non-Vol-followers. Thoughts on that idea?

The Demon's Eye

i can break curses…we could look at these possibilities and I could remedy them…

The Demon's Eye

I’m wary of half those magic items, and Satchmo’s theory is as good as any to let them wait…however… I am interested in those javelins. I’d be happy to lob those into a monstrous enemy if only I knew what they did…I also think it would be a good idea to check out those potions and scrolls.
If anything, I’m especially concerned about the painting and the rug. Let’s stay away from those.

The Demon's Eye

Slag will try to mentally communicate with the Demon’s Eye, with War, and meditate on his overall transformation while staying in physical contact with the orb.

Thoughts to attempt to communicate:
“Why am I changing?” “How am I changing?” “What am I becoming?” “Can you offer me more wisdom or strength?” “What can you teach me?”

The Demon's Eye

Slag: The hum of the Demon’s Eye is the only answer to your questions. [MAKE A WILL SAVE]

WR: The color of the pearl isn’t always indicitive of value. An appraisal will be needed. WR, I will also need some of those skill mods that I requested before I can tell you what you conclude from your ‘experiments’ with the Demon’s Eye.

The Demon's Eye

WILL: 13

The Demon's Eye

ok. thanks.

The Demon's Eye

Ummmmmmmmmmm……… ?

The Demon's Eye

anything that looks “BofV” I will do a knowelege religion on to see if it is more origional Qualbarrin like my cloak. check is a 23….

The Demon's Eye

Slag: Nothing happens.

Knyana: The piece that appears to be related to the Blood of Vol in the golden dagger with the inscription “May life flow like blood.” It is a passage from the Blood’s Book. Nothing noticeably Qualbarin about any of the pieces.

The Demon's Eye

appraise checks x 12 for pearls. sent u the other numbers on fb.
23, 18, 26 (nat 20), 17, 7 (nat 1), 16, 16, 21, 9, 25, 21, 8

The Demon's Eye

WR: The 4 black pearls are definitely worth 100gp each. Five of the pink pearls are very similar and worth 100gp each, the other pink pearl is worth 200gp. One of the white pearls is worth 100gp the other is worth 50gp.
You perform some experiments on the orb during the course of the night prior to inventorying the hoard. As you get close to the orb with feel and hear a hum exuding from it. You make contact with the Demon’s Eye and the hum become dissonant as it courses through your body – it is uncomfortable. A red ring of light appears at your contact point with the orb and slowly a red ring starts up your hand. You attempt to analyze the light by detecting magic but can only determine that the Demon’s Eye is far beyond your own magical skill to decipher.
Do you still wish to attempt you other actions (operating the orb, scrying, seeing its effect on your ‘warden’ abilities/duties)?

The Demon's Eye

If Breetaw notices the red ring of light when Satchmo touches it, he says:
Satchmo, I don’t think you should be touching that. We came to get our friends healed and we did that. That light isn’t even the same color as the one that was on Slag and Knyana. It could be dangerous. We need you 100% yourself.

The Demon's Eye

What color was the light on my friends when they touched the orb? Was there any pain with the red light?
Yes, I want to try to operate it. Can it kill the thing inside of me?

The Demon's Eye

Magnanimous, read above. The light on us was “golden”.

Slag eyes Sachmo with concern and mentally braces himself for a violent reaction from his artificer.

The Demon's Eye

We will pick the story up here next Sunday at the Wiardas.

The Demon's Eye

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