Jorberron: Reborn


The Ancient Temple of Kha'shazul

After a long day of securing the temple proper and driving off its inhabitants, the Walking Dead sought rest in the belly of the temple amongst the remains of the Children of Night’s hoard. Some of the group slept, some meditated, and some stood as sentinels throughout the night.

In the morning the group was startled – Tav and Breetaw had disappeared without a trace! No remnant of their belongings remained and no track betrayed their exit. Vanished. Even stranger still those who did not sleep did not remember anything. One moment the two were sleeping soundly in their bed rolls, the next moment they were gone. Although Erky, WhiteRecluse, and Knyana all had a fading “dream” of plae skin and ruby red lips.

Afte this discovery, some of Erky’s secrets were betrayed as the others in the group noticed that his teeth and tongue had turned black. His already suspicious companions interrogated him until he told the truth of the matter: Through his research into Flamecaster, Erky came upon some signs scribbled in the margins of a book. Upon further study, the sign called forth a being called Malphas to whom Erky mastered and temporarily bound to himself. At this point Erky seems to be in control and claims that the binding only lasts a day…

The Walking Dead continued on with their mission. They travelled deeper into an area of the temple that seemed to have not been disturbed for many years. The scouting party was separated when a door/wall attempted to crush them, but they prevailed. Then the group came upon a lava chamber in which 4 otherworldly guardian tried to prevent them from crossing. Erky Timbers almost fell to the creatures’ barbed tongues and toothy maws. After destroying the guardians of the chambers, the Walking Dead continued on. They came upon another chambers thrumming with blades. As the group attempted to pick their way across the room 3 small contructs bristling with needles and blades appeared and harried the group as they crossed the deadly room. Some of the group were injured, but Brillblade seemed take the brunt of the damage. The contructs were dispatched and the group found themselves before a locked stone door.

White Recluse picked the lock and found another lock inside. He then picked the 2nd lock and found yet another inside of that. He also found another mechanism next to the 3rd lock. He deftly disactivated the mechanism which stopped the thrumming blades behind them. WhiteRecluse then picked the third lock and with a loud clunk the stone door was unlocked revealing a staircase headed down…

The Dead followed the staircase into a natural cavern lit by a lava flow rift. On the other side of the rift was a large sarcophagi resting in front of 3 niches carved into the wall.
The walls of the cavern shimmered with heat, and upon further inspection distorted dragon-mark like shapes shifted amongst the shadows.

The Walking Dead sensed trouble if they disturbed the niches and quickly formulated a plan. Prepared for the worst, the party moved in and readied to ransack the niches, hoping that these were the artifacts which Sur’kil was seeking. As they were examining the niches, Lucan noticed the sand and dust on the floor was silently acculumating and forming a pile. He alerted the party, and they watched as the sand and dust formed into a gaunt, dusty, humanoid with a draconic head. The creature stood there and asked in a dusty voice, “Who disturbs my slumber?” Knyana tried to communicate that the group meant no harm but the Sand Guardian ignored that and merely repeated, “Who disturbs my slumber?” Sensing that their names would not grant them priviledge to be in the chamber, Knyana grabbed the old scepter from the she was by and turned into a swarm of bats.

The thievery of these infidels did not please the Guardian. The creature blasted Knyana with an acidic sand spray that bit into her undead flesh. War, then moved in to engage the Guardian, quickly pummeling the creature with my mighty axe. The creature responded in kind with claws and teeth that seemed able to easily eat through the stone and metal of the warforged’s body. The creature also exuded an aura that turned War’s mount into stone. A vicious melee ensued with both sand and warforged pieces being rent from their respective bodies. White Recluse stepped in to help repair War once. WR’s assistance was brief though as the creature turned it’s focus to him – damaging both WR’s body and his custom made armor.

In the end, War was left standing over a pile of dust and bone. Single-handedly destroying the creature. With the Guardian disposed of, the Walking Dead searched the cavern thoughly, convinced that they were missing something. Their searching was for naught and they were able to exit the Temple of Kha’shazul and prepare to head back to Adderport.



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