Jorberron: Reborn

Children of the Night

Delving beneath theTemple of Kha’shazul

The Walking Dead found themselves split apart. While the remaining Dead were above in the temple proper trying to reach their companions; Knyana and The White Recluse were trapped in the Darkness below the temple.

Using magics, The White Recluse forced open one of the well bottoms. The Dead above rushed to help and found their two companions facing off against two black dragons – The Children of Night. A vicious battle ensued.

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Some were severely injured during the onslaught, but none fell to the Children of Night’s wrath. Instead the Walking Dead cast one of the dragons down in ruin and forced the other to flee into the jungles of Q’barra.

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Previous posts were deleted. Erky is working on his account of the previous session.

Children of the Night

ANGER!!! Finding myself down in the well and I am alone…not smart oh wait there is WR. Ok so in mist form I make my way to spot for a swtch to open the trap door? Nothing…Then the dragon ATTACKS! Then magical darkness…ANGER I am not going to let this beast toy with us any longer. Like a a coward he takes a peice of us here and there to weaken and cause uncerttainty. It is time to strike first! It is time to make them wonder! I charge forward in my true form it is dark but I will press forward, this will end today! Dragon strikes and misses! I strike at the dragon…darkness..I miss…Finally I break free. An open cavern. Large with a treasure and a skelaton of a dragon laying on the pile. An alter with disks and the dragon…Then a voice “I have no quarrel with you daughter of Aeranal” But I have with you! The disks must be the trick to open the wells. I press forward…Two dragons….The voice…” you and your companions will die” Oops, but this is the only way. I hope WR comes soon. The dragon is on top of me. I cant do this alone, I will die without my companions. WR enters. I retreat to the the openning near him. WR casts knock…fail…he casts it again…SUCCESS!!! Yes I am ready for this, we will be victorious. The children of the night will not survive. Suddenly I am mindful of my companion Breetaw. I have sent him emotional signals of what we are up against. I believe it is his time to use the skills he has. I feel I am better used in protecting and fortifying him. I cannot go innert again. Be smart Knyanna. Protect your friends. Strike when it is your time. I heal myself…Heal Breetaw. Darkness! UGH these creatures will die! I see Lucan retreat after the creature into the opposite tunnel. Careful my friend. Darkness resolves. Hack and slash everyone trying. It makes my heart glad that we are working together. Where is Slag? Then a giant crash. Breetaw almost struck and Slag is on the alter. A great crack in one of the disks. Oh but now the battle is won! Slag engages. WR seems to step into his role as artificer, protecting our Axeman. I see the fire in his eyes. Breetaw is also a formitable fighter. I will heal him as much as possible. Lucan positioned to flank. One Dragon fell….The other flies away. I turnto bat form to give chase. He is too fast. We come together. I feel we lock ourselves here…heal…regroup and decide on the next step. Other members of the group state that we have not gone deap enough. This is not the relics we are sent to find? I agree. I need more blood to back to my full self. We rest for the night and look for the next step. My heart is glad. We have won a great victory. In my mind I think of my recreator. I send him a message..or prayer. He cannot hear me, but maybe….One of my great foes is destroyed. My party is one and there is much to be happy for. This victory marks the begining of a new path. We will find what needs to be recovered and in it we will find ourselves and the love we have foreachother again.

Children of the Night

Erky Timbers Diary

Continuation of Entry 13

Well diary, I survived. So far. But more dark paths are eminent and I want anyone who finds our bodies to know what became of us.

Knyana and White Recluse wer trapped in the Black Daemon’s lair underground and it was all too quiet up on the main level of the temple. We waited at the well that they went down, hoping for some kind of sign. But the waiting and the stress was too much for some of the group and they started to split up, which I was very wary about. The warforged Horseman of War eventually jumped down the well and started cutting through the stone with his giant axe. I covered him so that nothing would catch him unawares.

Suddenly, we heard a commotion in another part of the temple. It was faint but I could hear one of the others shout something about an open well. The lot of us ran towards the sound, I arrived last due to my short stature. I saw Tav, the Iron Hound, and War surrounding a well that was issuing forth and inky, vile blackness. To my astonishment, War ran and jumped down the well. I can only guess the details of what happened down there as I looked on from above. The inky darkness disappeared and reappeared, I saw glimpses of the battle and used Flamecaster against the Dark Beast when I could see it, though I could not tell if I wounded it or not. The battle must have been furious because White Recluse retreated up to us, looking as though he was one step away from Dolurrh. But he continued to do what he could. Suddenly, The Black Daemon flew out of the well and away over the jungles – RETREATING! White Recluse tried to chase it down, but the Beast was too quick!

Since the danger was past, White Recluse helped fly me down into the Undertemple so the group could recover. Only then did I see the there were TWO of the Black Daemons! My companions had slain one of the Beasts and forced the other to flee! We also acquired the Beasts’ treasures! In the end it was decided that we would lock ourselves “safely” down in the Undertemple to recover for the night. To make sure things were a safe as the seemed we searched the whole of the cavern and passages. Tav and Knyana found a hidden lever in one of the walls. Apparently, the relics that Sur-Kil seeks are buried even deeper than we are now. Well, that is the next step that awaits us tomorrow. I need to review the books I brought with me to research Flamecaster, there are some odd designs written in some of the margins that intrigue me.

Until we meet again. I already feel odd and light-headed… ... must be nervous about tomorrow. I know Flamecaster and my companions will get us through.

Erky Timbers

Children of the Night

After getting caught under the cover of the pit, I reasoned to take my first initiative to open the trap with arcane magicks. After cloaking myself, and the beast ridiculed, “Your magics will not save you!” I ignited my mask only to find that the bastard wyrm spelled his inky darkness around me. I heard it engage and clawrake armor. Knyana is here with me. How? Wasting no time… while she is holding him off let me find the release for this door. The others need to be here or I will die. I cannot die here. Where is Axeman? Why is he not finding me?

Gliding to the ceiling, there is no latch, no lock, no trick. How much longer can I search? How is Kyana doing in the defense? I haven’t heard her breath in moments. Still no latch, no lock, no trick. How must this portal yawn? Time is wasted. Going forward into the unknown. A dank corridor with decrepit and seeping walls. Glad I can flit forward instead of having to grope the wet stones longer. BIRTH! Out of the darkness and into the light! Knyana stands before me and finally TWO vile dragons with skeletal visages howling at us. She notices me and yells something about a circular stone I spot just beyond her. How it’s a door or connected to a door. It’s chaos for the moment, but if there’s a chance that’s a door… then I see it: A circular disc in the ceiling. Looks about the size of the one we came through. KNOCK! Blast! Lost my concentration. The kretures are flying at us attacking. Wait… One of them stayed back. There certainly is something important worth protecting isn’t there, you ill-bog-spawned mammoth mass of puss, bone, blood and nast? Curious. Concentrate. KNOCK! The portal slides away and Breetaw falls through the opening. YES! This is what we need. Someone to block the beast so I can do it my worst. I engage alongside Breetaw and make some significant stabs drawing the ire of its great claws, bite, tail, and wings. Oh mighty Maker, would it have one more spit of a vile wind that land on my finger I may draw my final breath. I cannot help if I fall. I must look out for myself. GASEOUS FORM! The rooms collapses in a dark veil again. A simpletons tricks. Rotten that it’s so effective. How could we so powerful be caught by an amateur parlor trick? Withdraw up the well for a respite of healing, a resurge of power. Thank the Maker. Axeman, Rourgh, and Brill Blade are here. So is Tav. Erky is running close. Axeman lunges down the stone pipe disappearing into the ink with a loud smash somewhere down there. Now to dispel the blackness so we may rise again. The dragon’s turn is over. DISPEL. Light appears and Breetaw and Axeman are fighting side by side. Rourgh, go. He jumps in and lands on Axeman. Oh! The spikes! I’m sorry, my friend. The dragon attacks him and he is damaged. Too much to succeed. Retreat my friend. Axeman wins through and hacks one of the kretures’ heads off. My turn. I fly down ready for the attack and the remainder hurls claws at me as it flies past and out the tunnel up to the sky. I chase. He has been flying for longer than I.

Peace. Let us take stock. I need healing. Let me appeal to Erky. Knyana, any left? What treasure do we have here. Much coin—too much silver. Some magic. But nothing that seems ancient as an artifact that Sur’kil would have us retrieve. We are missing something and undone. Scour the basement for other clues or tunnels. The women find a trigger for a door. This could be the next leg of the journey. Perhaps it’s best to heal and regain power before venturing further. And mayhaps those magical things in the horde might help us on the rest of the quest. Let us examine and put them to use. Tomorrow we go again. And it seems by the legend there may yet be a bigger, nastier daemon dragon waiting for us.

Children of the Night

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